Wrapping up your github gists into delicious cloud-shaped bao buns.

Deploy Go web servers from Github Gists with 1 click.

Take some code:

Change the url:

Your application will be built, deployed, and you'll be provided a url to access your application.

The Details:

  1. Gitbao is very experimental. Random errors will definitely occur. Proceed with caution.
  2. Gitbao is slow. Gitbao hosts applications on AWS Lambda . This means it's very inexpensive but there is sometimes a 300ms+ additional delay for every request.
  3. Gitbao only supports Go. We're hoping to add more language support in the future.
  4. Gitbao is free, for now. It's very cheap to run, when that changes we'll likely change to a "charge for use" model.
  5. More questions? Gitbao was created by Max, feel free to contact him.


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